Kawaii mani featuring Cirque Colors “Crystal Tokio”

August 22, 2018

Hello my fellow mermaids!

Last week Cirque Colors had a limited time deal where you could buy 2 of their nail polishes in a combo at $18 USD, and since I already had the combo I liked the most, I decided to use it in a mani.

The 2 polishes I’m wearing are “Carpe Diem” and “Crystal Tokio”, and they were sold as one of the duos. I really love the dimension this glitter topper adds to the nail, it has an assortment of iridescent glitters that look beyond amazing over a white base.

I wanted to show you all the colors that you get in Crystal Tokio, so I took some macro pictures of it:

crystal tokio3crystal tokiocrystal tokio1crystal tokio2

The design I did over this duo is from the Maniology (formerly known as Bundle Monster) Kawaii collection plates, since Crystal Tokio is from the Cirque Colors Kawaii Collection. The plate is BM-XL325.


What do you think? I really love these 2 polishes together, they really are meant to be. I applied 2 coats of Carpe Diem followed by 1 of Crystal Tokio.

Have a bubbly day!

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