Nicole Diary Review

September 19, 2018

Hello my fellow mermaids!

Today I have for you a swatch & review of a few items that were sent to me by Catherine from Nicole Diary  . I have 4 items today: 2 gel polishes, a magnet & a stamping plate. 

Remember you can use my code: TMMP10 to get 10% off your order. Let’s begin!

Holographic Cat Eye Gel

“Wonderland” is a Holographic Cat Eye Gel Polish that doesn’t need a black base. I applied 2 coats (although it’s pretty much opaque with 1) and hover the magnet over it for a few seconds before curing it. The effect of the magnet stays right where you place it, and under direct sunlight the holographic effect is even stronger. 

This has to be my favorite gel polish that I have in my collection so far.

ND Review.4ND ReviewND Review.3ND Review.1ND Review.2

Holographic Chameleon Gel

“Flash Dance” is part of the “Out-Space Series” that requires a black base. I applied 2 coats (with a black base underneath) and placed the magnet over it for a few seconds before curing it. You can see the different colors of the gel in the pictures, making this a chameleon gel polish. 

ND Review.5ND Review.12

ND Review.7ND Review.6ND Review.8


Dual Ended Magnetic Pen

This magnet features 2 different patterns: a flower & a dotted line. I had no issues using this magnet and getting the desired effect on the gel polish. I did one nail at a time so that I could place the magnet over the gel before curing each layer. 

ND Review.11ND Review.9ND Review.10

Typography Stamping Plate

Finally we have the “Typography Stamping Plate ND-003” that features several images of letters and leaf designs. Each of the letters corresponds to the first letter of the animal that’s portrayed in the plate. I had a lot of fun using this plate, since all the images are so cute. 

I opted for a design using the letters of my name and used the NCLA Custom polishes that spell my name (#FER). I have to say these turned out cuter than I imagine.

ND Review 13.jpg

Have a bubbly day!

This products were sent to me for review purposes. This is my honest opinion.

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