Twinkled T Review

February 02, 2019

Hello my fellow mermaids!

Today I have for you a swatch & review of some nail art items that Twinkled T sent me.

I have their nail art mat, stainless steel stamper, stamping plates and the “Desert Sunset” stamping polish collection. 

I’ll have all the information about the prices and the links of where to get everything with each and everyone of the pictures.

Thank you so much to the lovely ladies of Twinkled T for sending me all this awesome stuff to review 🙂

Let’s get into the swatches!

Glamour Mat

“Glamour Mat” ($15 usd) is a nail art mat made of silicone that’s used to create nail art designs, decals, watermable, etc. I took some pictures to show you the different features of the mat up close, and as you can see they are all amazing quality and pretty handy when it comes to creating nail designs. 



Indented Holes


Acetone/Water Cup

Here are 2 watermarble designs I created in order to show you how the cup works perfectly for that tecnique.


Stainless Steel Stamper & Scraper

“Stainless Steel Stamper & Scraper” ($10 usd) is clear head stamper that has a stainless steel handle (and it’s pink!). The stamper comes with a scraper, and as you can see it has an amazing pickup. 

I tried different polishes and stamping plates and they all worked perfectly, everytime a perfect image pickup.


Stamping Plates

“Stamping Plate Set of 6” ($36 usd) features all 6 stamping plates that Twinkled T has. They have floral, geometric, lace, heart & nautical images. All the designs were very easy to pickup and I had no problem with them transferring onto the nail.


Desert Sunset Stamping Polishes

“Desert Sunset Collection” ($32 usd) is a 6 piece stamping polish collection that features creme and metallic finishes. All of them stamped perfectly, and I used the clear stamper and scraper to do all the stamping over black and white polish.

Here are all the polishes and stamping plates:

Liquid Gold & Lace TT01


Dazed & Floral TT01


Smokey & Nautical TT01


Ghosted & Geometric TT02


Coraline & Hearts TT01


Tickled & Geometric TT01


Have a bubbly day!

This products were sent to me for review purposes. This is my honest opinion.

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