My Collaboration Shade With Picture Polish: “Triton”

June 16, 2019

Hello my fellow mermaids!

As I am writing this post it still feels like a dream. I want you all to finally meet my biggest kept secret! The Mermaid Polish & Picture Polish Collaboration Shade: “Triton”

I believe any NPA dream is to have a collaboration shade with Picture Polish (at least that was my case), and I still remember the exact moment when I got the message about wanting to collaborate with Jules & The Girls (you can imagine I completely and utterly freaked out!!!). 

I want to share with all of you how “Triton” came to be, specially since the inspiration behind it has so much meaning to me. Let’s meet “Triton”.

Triton Bottle

The Inspiration

It’s no surprise that mermaids (specially Ariel) have a lot to do with me, I mean my Instagram is “The Mermaid Polish”, so naturally part of the inspiration behind “Triton” comes from “King Triton” aka Ariel’s Father; but to tell you the truth, the main inspiration behind the name is my dad. 

I always had a very special relationship with my dad, and sadly the last 3 years were very difficult for us as a family. He battle an illness that took almost everything from him, and I say he because even though we were there for him, there was only so far we could do for him, he had to fight from within. 

There were a couple of times where we thought that was the end, but my dad was a fighter and he gave everything he had in order to get well and live. Sadly, after everything seemed to be working out, he had a setback took him from us.

That was the exact moment when I knew this had to be a tribute to him, to his fighting spirit, his will to live, and all the love he had for us. It saddens me that he never got to see the final product, but I know he’s looking down from Heaven and that he feels very proud that his little mermaid got to have her dream come true.

The meaning behind the name “Triton” is the connection it has with my Dad and King Triton. They both had daughters that they loved and would do anything to protect them, but they were also wise when it came to giving advise, even when Ariel or myself didn’t listen (yes I’m talking about that small “loosing your voice for love” fiasco Ariel!!). And of course the color represents the ocean, where all mer-people live.

Triton Collage

Triton Figurine


“Triton” is an electric blue holographic nail polish with holo flakes and gold hex glitters.

The polish has a jelly formula, so it’s opaque between 2 or 3 coats (depending on how thin or thick you apply them). I prefer applying 3 thin coats to reach full opacity, and of course using a glossy top coat to make the scattered holo and gold glitters shine. 

The polish is available right now (as well as the other 4 shades from this latest launch) at the Picture Polish site for $14.95 AUS, and if they can’t ship it to where you are don’t worry! they have a list of international stockists available so you can purchase it from them too.  

Macro BottleMacro BrushTriton Swatch (Watermark)Triton Swatch1Triton Macro (Watermark)

Nail Art

I wanted to create a design that honored the name, but that was also simple so that the main focus was the polish. I found these super cute images from the UberChic “Mermaid Life” stamping plate and they were just perfect. 

If you use my collaboration shade be sure to use #TheMermaidPolishTriton hashtag on your pictures so I can see them.

Triton ArtTriton Art1Triton Art2

Finally I want to say Thank You to Jules & The Girls for giving me this opportunity, since none of this would have been possible with you. 

I really hope you all love “Triton” as much as I do, and that by wearing it you remember to cherish and love your parents, since we are all here thanks to them and they show us what true love is.

Have a bubbly day!

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