August 2019 PPU: “At The Carnival”

July 27, 2019

Hello my fellow mermaids!

Today I have for you a swatch & review of the August Polish Pickup “At The Carnival” contributions from Cupcake Polish, Different Dimension and Glisten & Glow.

In case you’re not familiar with Polish Pickup, it’s a pre-order event that happens the first weekend of every month (Friday 11am EST to Monday 11:59pm EST) where you can purchase products from different indie maker all in the same place, and all within the same theme, this time being “At The Carnival”.

Polish Pickup offers US Shipping for $3, Canada is $5 and international varies.

Let’s get into the swatches!

Cupcake Polish

“Texas Star”

Texas Star” is a black jelly polish filled with silver holographic flakies, blue iridescent and multichrome flakies.

Sara was inspired by the stars in the sky on a clear Texas night and twinkling carnival lights.

Price: $13 usd

Cap: No cap

Shown here is 2 coats plus glossy & matte topcoat.

Texas Star1Texas Star

Texas Star2Texas Star3Texas Star4Texas Star6Texas Star7Texas Star5

Texas Star8Texas Star9

Different Dimension

“Come One, Come All”

Come One, Come All” is a steel blue crelly based polish packed with pink/orange/copper/gold color shifting iridescent flakies, red/green/orange aurora shimmers, holographic microflakies and holographic microglitters.  

Missi was inspired by how the dusk at the carnival welcomes everyone to have the best time.

Price: $11 usd

Cap: No cap

Shown here is 2 coats plus glossy & matte topcoat.

Come One Come All1Come One Come AllCome One Come All2Come One Come All3Come One Come All4Come One Come All6Come One Come All7Come One Come All5

Different Dimension

“On The Midway”

On The Midway” is a custom blended fragrance cuticle oil that smells just like the moment you step onto the carnival midway, with notes of kettle corn, candy apples, cotton candy and lemon shakes.

Missi was inspired by all the smells you get on the Carnival Midway.

Price: $5 usd

Cap: No cap

Come One Come All9Come One Come All8Come One Come All10

Glisten & Glow

“Spinning On The Sizzler”

Spinning On The Sizzler” is a jewel toned, purple jelly polish is loaded with purple/blue/teal/pink color shifting iridescent flakes, holo flakes and pink/red/copper/green aurora shimmer.

Jill was inspired by the fun nights at the Carnival in the summer heat, the spinning motion of the Sizzler ride and the blur of the colors and lights.

Price: $11 usd

Cap: 415 bottles

Shown here is 2 coats plus glossy & matte topcoat.

Spinning On The Sizzler1Spinning On The SizzlerSpinning On The Sizzler2Spinning On The Sizzler3Spinning On The Sizzler4Spinning On The Sizzler6Spinning On The Sizzler7Spinning On The Sizzler5

Glisten & Glow

“Top Coat”

Glisten & Glow Top Coat” is their award winning fast dry glossy top coat. Its benefits are:

  • 2-4 minutes or less and your nails will dry
  • Durable, long lasting with days or weeks of no tip wear, or chipping.
  • Crystal clear shiny glossy “wet/gel like”” appearance. Intensifies any special effects polishes.
  • It’s also black light responsive.

I can say that this top coat’s amazing! All the claims are real, and the best thing? (at least for my stamping addiction) it doesn’t smudge the design!! I’ve used it moments after stamping and it just leaves my nails looking perfect. 

Price: $7 usd

Cap: No Cap

Spinning On The Sizzler8Spinning On The Sizzler9Spinning On The Sizzler10Spinning On The Sizzler11

Have a bubbly day!

This products were sent to me for review purposes. This is my honest opinion.

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