November 2019 Polish Pickup “Fairy Tales”

November 03, 2019

Hello my fellow mermaids!

Today I have for you a swatch & review of the November Polish Pickup “Fairy Tales” contributions from Colores de Carol, Cupcake Polish and Glisten & Glow.

In case you’re not familiar with Polish Pickup, it’s a pre-order event that happens the first weekend of every month (Friday 11am EST to Monday 11:59pm EST) where you can purchase products from different indie maker all in the same place, and all within the same theme, this time being “Urban Legends”. This month it will run from November  01 to November 04.

Polish Pickup offers US Shipping for $3, Canada is $5 and international varies.

Let’s get into the swatches!

Asteroid B612

Asteroid B6126

Asteroid B612 is an ultramarine blue jelly packed with gold holographic glitter in various shapes and sizes.

Carolina took inspiration from the beloved childhood book “The Little Prince”. This polish includes a mini baggie with mini gold holo stars, you can pour it into the polish to have them all ready to use in the future or you can also layer them in between the layers of the polish.

Price: $12.50

Cap: No cap

Shown here are 3 coats plus glossy and matte topcoat.

Asteroid B612Asteroid B6121Asteroid B6122Asteroid B6123Asteroid B6124Asteroid B6125Asteroid B6127Asteroid B6128Asteroid B6129Asteroid B61210

I’ll Never Grow Up

I'll never grow up6

I’ll Never Grow Up is a medium blue crème nail polish filled with pink/green/gold and blue/gold/green multichrome flakies.

Sara took inspiration from the scene in Peter Pan where him and the Darling children fly off to Neverland.

Price: $13

Cap: No cap

Shown here are 2 coats plus glossy and matte topcoat.

I'll never grow upI'll never grow up1I'll never grow up2I'll never grow up3I'll never grow up4I'll never grow up5I'll never grow up7I'll never grow up8I'll never grow up9

Rainbow Fish

Rainbow Fish6

Rainbow Fish is a special effects topper filled with blue/pink/gold shifting iridescent shimmers, blue/pink/gold iridescent flakies, and a bit of silver holographic glitter.

Sara took inspiration from the children’s book “Rainbow Fish”, use this topper to help share the Rainbow Fish’s scales!.

Price: $10

Cap: No cap

Shown here is 1 coat over black.

Rainbow FishRainbow Fish1Rainbow Fish2Rainbow Fish3Rainbow Fish4Rainbow Fish5Rainbow Fish7Rainbow Fish8Rainbow Fish9

Wrong Lever!

Wrong lever6

Wrong Lever! is a rich, navy polish packed with pink/purple/orange/green color shifting aurora shimmers.

Jill was inspired by the Yzma and Kronk scene in the movie, Emperor’s New Groove where Kronk pulls the wrong lever accidently shooting Yzma down to the crocodiles versus her science lab.

Price: $12

Cap: No Cap

Shown here are 2 coats plus glossy and matte topcoat.

Wrong leverWrong lever1Wrong lever2Wrong lever3Wrong lever4Wrong lever5Wrong lever7Wrong lever8Wrong lever9

Base and Top Coat Duo

Base and Top Coat Duo is their award winning duo of Glisten & Glow Top and Base Coat.

Base Coat: Sticky, long lasting and stain preventing.

Top Coat: Fast drying, durable and shiny.

Price: $13.50

Cap: No cap

Base coatTop CoatTop Coat1

Have a bubbly day!

Press Sample: This products were sent to me for review purposes. This is my honest opinion.

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