February 2020 Polish Pickup “Flora & Fauna”

February 02, 2020

Hello my fellow mermaids!

Today I have for you a swatch & review of the February Polish Pickup “Flora & Fauna” contributions from Cupcake Polish, Colores de Carol and Glisten & Glow.

In case you’re not familiar with Polish Pickup, it’s a pre-order event that happens the first weekend of every month (Friday 11am EST to Monday 11:59pm EST) where you can purchase products from different indie maker all in the same place, and all within the same theme, this time being “Flora & Fauna”. This month it will run from February  07 to February 10.

Polish Pickup offers US Shipping for $3, Canada is $5 and international varies.

Let’s get into the swatches!



Bluebonnet is a medium blue nail polish packed with iridescent shimmer that shifts from pink to gold to green.

Sara was inspired by Texas Bluebonnets glowing at dusk.

Price: $13

Cap: No Cap

Shown here are 3 coats plus glossy and matte topcoat.


Double Trouble

Double Trouble6

Double Trouble is a soft dove grey crelly with copper shimmer and Aurora shimmer, matte orange glitter, neon red dots and crystal red glitter.

Carolina was inspired by the split-colour Cardinal that is half male, half female.

Price: $12.50

Cap: 250 bottle available

Shown here are 2 coats plus glossy and matte topcoat.

Double Trouble10Double TroubleDouble Trouble1Double Trouble2Double Trouble3Double Trouble4Double Trouble5Double Trouble7Double Trouble8Double Trouble9

Pink Gerbera Daisies

Pink Gerbera Daisies6

“Pink Gerbera Daisies” is a bright neon pink glitter crelly polish packed with various size and shape black glitters and black holo glitters.

Jill was inspired by Pink Gerbera Daisies, her favorite flower! She loves the bright bold color of the petals with dark contrast of the center of the flower. They were her wedding flowers also! They bring a smile to your face when you see them and brighten any room!.

Price: $12.50

Cap: No cap

Shown here are 2 coats plus glossy and matte topcoat.

Pink Gerbera Daisies7Pink Gerbera DaisiesPink Gerbera Daisies1Pink Gerbera Daisies2Pink Gerbera Daisies3Pink Gerbera Daisies4Pink Gerbera Daisies5Pink Gerbera Daisies8Pink Gerbera Daisies9Pink Gerbera Daisies10

Cuticle Remover Pen &

Cuticle Oil Pen Duo

Cuticle Duo8

“Glisten & Glow Cuticle Remover & Cuticle Oil Pen Duo” is scented this month in Pomegranate Punch which is a custom blend of the tangy fruity yet light and refreshing pomegranate with twist of orange zest.

Glisten & Glow’s Cuticle Remover softens and removes excess cuticle as well as eponychium skin and comes in an easy to use twist-up pen style applicator.

Directions: Apply generously to the cuticle area and let sit for 60 seconds. Next, gently push back with your favorite tool. Finally, wash hands and cuticles thoroughly with soap and water.

Glisten & Glow Cuticle Oil – hydrates, softens and plumps cuticles and hyponychium. When applied to the nail bed it nourishes and adds the much needed ingredients that promote the flexibility of the nail plate. Aids in the prevention of painful nail breaks and hang nails.

Directions:  Apply generously to the cuticles, nail plate and hyponychium (area on the underside of the free edge) aprox 2x per day.

Price: $12

Cap: No cap

Cuticle DuoCuticle Duo1Cuticle Duo2Cuticle Duo3Cuticle Duo4Cuticle Duo5Cuticle Duo6Cuticle Duo7

Have a bubbly day!

Press Sample: This products were sent to me for review purposes. This is my honest opinion.

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